Where to Stay in Iceland: Buubble— The 5 Million Star Hotel

6 days in iceland golden circle buubble

Given the availability, the Buubble hotel in Iceland is a must. This transparent hotel was our home on our 4th night. Even though we knew what to expect from all of the pictures and videos online, I was still pleasantly surprised when we were guided to our bubble. It was separated into two rooms: a spaceship-like portal hallway with room for our luggage, and then the actual bubble. The room itself was very minimal— a huge fluffy bed with very comfortable, heavy blankets, two moody lamps, and extra blankets if you need them. Inside, Rachel described it best–it was like an inverted snow globe.  The experience felt familiar. It was akin to camping in a tent without the rainfly. Well, way more luxurious. We were surrounded by a ring of trees and the night sky. Our closest neighbors were out of sight in their own tree rings. If you’ve seen The Fountain with Hugh Jackman, it reminded me of the scene where he’s floating in a bubble in space. Pretty comparable experiences, I’d say (not that I’ve been in space). 

6 days in iceland golden circle ape in buubble
6 days in iceland golden circle ape in buubble

Although the amenities are slim in the bubble, there’s a communal service house in the center of the bubble farm. Here you’ll find a kitchen with a dining room, wifi, bathrooms, and shower. The farm where the bubbles live is about a 25-minute detour from the Golden Circle. Coordinates and directions are given to you upon booking. We were greeted by a very friendly host who lives down the road and made herself available to us. Although we didn’t bring food, you can stop by the local grocery store and use the communal kitchen at the bubble farm. If you wanted to make wine part of your experience, consider that alcohol is only sold at the government-controlled liquor stores. And make sure you check the hours. Sadly, we didn’t get wine because the liquor stores are closed on Sundays. Because all that we had taken to eat was a delicious loaf of bread, our host recommended a restaurant just a few minutes from the farm called Mika. Mika is a family owned restaurant on the golden circle that specializes in handmade chocolates and “vibrant cuisine”. We had a raspberry chili sauce pizza and took chocolates for the road. Both were very tasty. If you, too, find yourself with just a loaf of bread in your car, we now also recommended Mika. 

6 days in iceland golden circle ape and rachel

Although the clouds didn’t grant us access to the night sky or aurora borealis, we did wake up to a beautiful fall scene— light rain, the sun, and light blue sky breaking through the clouds, and the most saturated yellow and green trees. We took in the scene, packed up, and then enjoyed a cup of coffee at the service house overlooking another beautiful landscape. Not going to lie, we were nostalgic for this place as soon as we were back on the road. Did the Buubble comp our stay? Yes. Were we going to do it regardless? Also, yes. Would we do it again? Hell. yes. 

Disclaimer: Buubble comped our stay. Opinions are Ape's own.

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