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citizenM Glasgow is that cool hotel that you’ve been looking for on Google for the last 2 hours:  

We arrived in Glasgow after I had driven us from the Isle of Skye to the car rental drop off in the city; of course, with plenty of stops along the way. So estimate 10+ hours of driving on the opposite (for me) side of the road through the longest stretch of the most narrow and windy highways of my life. This was the perfect recipe for looking forward to a shower and a comfy bed. I’ll take this moment to advise you against using Uber in Scotland. Because while I was dreaming of not driving, Uber was busy trying to hail a ride...and then that ride was busy and confused trying to find us. Not to mention the service is more expensive than and not as accessible as taxis. An additional hour later after dropping off our car, we made it citizenM Glasgow. 

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citizenm glasgow bookshelf

Not that you’re challenging me to describe the hotel in movies and shows, but: Mad Man meets Tron meets Knight Rider (K.I.T.T, specifically). It’s a massive black cube-like building with glowing neon red lights. The architecture had me assuming that inside was going to be hyper-modern and contemporary. Stepping through the doors, though, we were greeted by a very eclectic bookshelf with a poster that had bold white on black text that reads “To all travelers long and short haul. To the weary, the wise…”. I forgot what the rest said, but from that poster and the decoration from different parts of the world, we immediately felt welcomed to this luxurious hotel with a sense of humor and a post-modern, contemporary, sometimes abstract, aesthetic to match. The very sociable associate that helped us check in, along with all other employees we interacted with, complemented the welcoming atmosphere. They didn’t even seem phased that an Ape was staying there. 

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The rooms were sick, guys. I was kind of on point assuming it was hyper-modern (read: high-tech). The doors are keyless, we just tapped the card to unlock it. I’m not sure if that’s the default these days, but ever since I got a car with keyless entry, I’ve thought that it was such a cool feature. Inside, because I was craving it, the first thing I noticed was a massive bed stretching wall-to-wall that made up the back of the room. A crap ton of pillows and a comfy mattress? Check. Below the bed were drawers with enough room for two full-size suitcases. The bathroom is this cool frosted glass shower/toilet pod with lights that change color! Dope. The room also had a decent size desk and a chair that I wouldn’t mind owning. Aesthetically, they had already won me over. But wait. There’s more. An iPad controlled the whole freaking room (I wish my apartment did this)— lights, tv, blinds, music, and then some. We weren’t on vacation to watch movies, but I remember there being a pretty damn good selection (all free, btw). Oh, and porn (free… just saying).  

citizenm glasgow interior
citizenm glasgow interior chair

Getting around town was easy. citizenM Glasgow is central to everything you might want to do in the city— beer, food, museums, historical sites, theaters, beer, food, etc. Hell, you can even hang out in the lobbies of citizenM. There are cozy areas to sit all over the place. There’s also a bar (that closes at 1 am despite what one bartender led us to believe), and a restaurant. The restaurant seems to serve food throughout the day and had munchies (chips and snacks) available at night. 

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citizenm glasgow city shot

We made citizenM our home for 2 nights, and we would have gladly made it more. After exploring the city and going out each night, coming back to this high tech hotel with unique art and friendly staff made for a great experience. How could we not like it when even the floor mats were complimenting my shoes?  

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citizenm glasgow bar

Disclaimer: citizenM comped our stay. Opinions are Ape's own (Duh). 

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