The Travel Bug (The T-Virus)


Many of you have heard of this contagious infection, the notorious travel bug. AKA The T-Virus. Once the virus takes hold it slowly takes over all mental capabilities rerouting thoughts and energy to thoughts and dreams of travel and adventure. I became a "victim" of this travel bug on my first trip abroad when I went to Japan. Once back in the U.S.A. it did not take long before I left the country again. Following Japan, I traveled to China, Argentina, Brasil, México, Chile and Peru. Now, this infection is unique, it creates an interest of traveling and nurtures it to an obsession. It will not take long before all the victim's thoughts are focused on the next big trip or adventure. All of us apes have contacted said virus. Here are some examples of my last "episode" in Peru.


The Ruins of Machu Picchu


Plenty of sketchy ladders and paths!!



Not sure who was posing for the camera.

Relics of the past!!

The things you see for taking the path less traveled

Cave of mysteries or temple of the moon

More ruins!!

Pretty elaborate walls

Audience hall? or crop area?

One of many churches within Cusco (No catacombs or spaces filled with skeletons

Lima's Presidential Palace

In many cases, the T-Virus is mistaken for Wanderlust. The key difference is that the T-Virus is contracted, versus an innate desire to travel since birth. If you are lucky you have always had imaginative mind and have thought of traveling to unknown lands; and if you contracted the T-Virus, you explored unknown lands have grown to appreciate the unknown and learning new cultures and languages.

There are unique cases when humans/gentlesapiens who contract the T-Virus but also had the innate desire to travel since the beginning (Wanderlust). In any case, the infected and wanderlusting individual cannot stay stagnate in one place for longer than 1 year.  They must leave their homes for new unknowns to feed these ravenous desires of exploration. I myself, will be leaving to Mexico City next week.

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