Guide to Puerto Rico | Pt. 5 – The End


You've been dreading this post – we know. It's the last of the series. Frankly, our last two days in Puerto Rico were off the books. Mostly because we didn't take pictures. Tips to take away from this:

1. If you see something interesting, don't just leave it at that. Explore.

2. Don't forget about the night life.

3. You're gonna love the island. (Not a tip, just a warning.)

The Last 2 Days

We spent the last two days eating and drinking. The Friday before leaving (we left on Sat.), we realized we had not gone to an abandoned looking factory that we noticed on the first day there. Of course, we weren't just going to leave it a thought. It looked too damn cool not to shoot there. After Beef finished some homework (he's done with his MBA, btw!!), we got dressed and headed over. 

The place is called Central Coloso. It was one of the longest running and biggest sugar mills in Puerto Rico, until it shut down in 2003. If you're wondering, yes, just learned that from the Wiki. All we knew was the name. Do we recommend checking it out? Hell yeah. Sadly, the main part of the mill is closed-off to the public. As it turned out, there was a guard and guard dog watching for people. Nonetheless, the place looks epic and we had fun:


We had basically given up hope after this photo session, and started driving down the road, when we noticed the factory was way bigger. Less than half a mile down the road, there was more! It was open! That's how excited were. Until we realized how eroded the stairs in to it were. So, since we weren't trying to die on our last day in Puerto Rico, we figured this was an adventure for next time...


Our photo story ended here. After this session, we headed back to our base, ate, relaxed for a bit, and headed out to Moca for some music, dancing, and drinks with friends. That list of fun went on until 4AM. Even though most places close at 2, we managed to find a place that pushed the limit a bit.

A great night. A great island. A great time.


We woke up not 3 hours after that long night, had breakfast, snapped the picture above, and took off for the airport.

It really only takes one week on the island to realize why they call it "la island del encanto" (the island of enchantment).  It is nothing but. Now, hopefully our adventure will help fuel a fire of drive to explore this paradise. We went out to Puerto Rico and planned nothing.We took the chance and regretted nothing.  We hope you'll do the same one day.

Thank you reading. We miss Puerto Rico :( Don't worry, though. There will be plenty more adventure where that came from.

If you missed parts 1–4, here they are: One. Two. Three. Four.

The outfits:

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Baker: Shirt – GAP | Pants – GAP | Socks – Sock Genius | Shoes – Banan Republic | Wristband – Bought in PR

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