The Age of the Resolutionist.


We Apes go to the (climbing) gym (if you couldn't tell ;P) and dread the new year. Why? Because without fail, the resolutionists show up every January. A resolutionist is someone who commits to something (like the gym) as new year's resolution. The problem, space-taking and gym aside, is their lack of commitment. Their resolution efforts last as late as April, but most are over it by March. We get the idea behind it, "new year, new you". But, seriously, why the new year? You had all freaking year to commit to something, and you put it off until the new year. We Apes believe that if you really want something, you work to get it as soon as possible. Not wait until the new year to then forget about it. Quit kidding yourselves until the end/beginning of the year. If you really want it, you'll do it NOW and follow through.

If you must have a New Year's Resolution, resolve to stop lying to yourself. If you're going to say that you want something, get it. Make sure it's because you want it, not because you've been pressured into it. Are you tired of how out of shape you are? Tired of your job? Stop making yourself a victim and feeling sorry. Find out where you want to be, what it takes to get there, then execute the plan.

Do we make it sound it easy? It is. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply coming up with excuses. "It's too hard" isn't a good enough excuse. In fact, unless it's going to kill you– in which case, okay, we get it – do yourself a favor, stfu and commit to what you want and what will make you happy.

Trust us, you'll be better off.

Happy New Year, folks!

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