How to Dress for Winter and Fall


Google "how to dress for" x...y..z...season and the interweb will basically tell you the same thing year after year: add/remove texture and look to nature for the colors. We can't help but agree with the former, a lot of you might need different textures when it comes to dressing for the weather.  When the temperature drops, you suddenly can't exactly wear a linen shirt, so the coats need to come out. Even in LA when the weather drops below...60º (shut up, East Coast), we need to change up our layers. When it comes to colors, though, someone is just trying to make money off of you season after season. Last year the it color was (who knows, we're guessing) hunter green, this year it's... okay we don't know. Do colors trend? Sure. Do you need to follow them? Hell no. If you're anything like Ape (or care to be anything like us), just wear whatever color feels right for the day. You know? In our outfits below, you might notice we look like we're dressed for fall. If you're an avid follower of ours, though, you would notice color schemes way out of place during any given season (for proof–in case you don't believe Ape–here's us this spring and summer sporting "fall/winter colors").  In the outfits below, Baker is rocking a "summer" tie–he essentially worked back from it to form the outfit. Beef just likes green, and he thought the jacket looked great with it.

We've never claimed to be here to teach you anything, so don't clown on not having learned anything from this post. We're just here to tell you our opinion. What you do with that information (or lack of) is on you.

In completely separate news, we're now part of's Style Guru Society. We actually did this photo session for that feature. Enjoy!













Jacket – Asos

Shirt – Banana Republic

Tie, Pocket Square, and Socks –

Watch – birthday gift c/o Ape girlfriend (thank you!!)

Shoes – Macys?


Jacket – Members Only

Shirt – Target

Jeans – who knows...

Ties and Socks –

Wooden Watch – Jord

Shoes – Bed Stü

Stay epic, humans.

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