A Letter to/about Friends

Let us start by saying this, you all are the real inspiration. We might not have met in elementary school. We might have met in college. Hell, maybe we met a year ago. The thing about us Apes is, we don't let just anyone into our life. Call it what you will, but we're careful about who we bring around. These are friends that have stuck with us through mistakes. They might not always answer a call, but they get back to us. They are there for the good times, and consist of the epic ones. We've yelled at them. We've fought with them. We've cried with them. We've laughed, smiled, and drank with them. We grew up with them. And, even if we didn't, if feels as if we did.

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Without a doubt, we are each other's muses. We may not have always know exactly what any of us wanted, but we knew one thing. We've always known we wanted to be happy, not simply content. That's part of the magic of our friendship, we make ourselves happy. It doesn't always come easy, and it's not always exciting, but ultimately, it's the goal (even if it's not bluntly stated). We push ourselves toward better things. Sometimes from the worst places.

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At this point in life, we're everywhere, and not just geographically – location-, education-, relationship-wise... you name it. Frankly, we're proud of where everyone is. We're only going to keep moving, too. We may be hundreds, or thousands, of miles away from each other, but we will not grow apart. We might only see each other a few days at a time every year, but it's fine. When we  do see each other, it's as if we hung out just yesterday. We went to the beach, after a night of drinking – to watch the sunset on the west coast, only to remember it rises from the east (DUH.) – last night. We took that trip to San Francisco – one that was supposed to be free, but ended up in a thousand dollar speeding ticket – just last week.

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For those of you wondering what we mean when we say "friend," allow us to offer you our perspective. A friend is inspiration. A friend is timeless. A friend is patience. A friend is understanding. A friend is family. A friend is happiness. A friend is epic. A friend does not hold you back. In fact, a friend tells you to leave. But, a friend never abandons you.

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Surround yourself with that, fam. You know who they are (or you will know when you find them.) They feel like home the minute you encounter them. Find your muses. Find your inspiration. You'll be better for it.

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