5 Reasons to Have a Daily Routine

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This is kinda how my daily routine goes:

  • Get dressed

  • Start boiling water

  • Take a shower

  • Make coffee

  • Go to work

And then after work:

  • Have a snack

  • Unwind

  • Work on projects

  • Start cooking

  • Go to the gym

  • Finish cooking

  • Keep working on projects

  • Get ready for bed and the prep for the morning

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I understand that just from reading this list, my everyday seem a bit unappealing, but the thing is,even when it feels like it might be repetitive or mundane, I'm getting a lot of work done and fitting in a lot throughout my day-in and day-out. If you don’t already have some kind of routine that you try to abide by, let me offer some reasons why you should:

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  1. It makes you accountable

    A routine is like a daily deadline. I’m not sure about you all, but I hate missing deadlines. Especially a deadline I set for myself. If I can’t manage my own time, how should I be expected to manage projects that involve other people’s time?

  2. You become disciplined

    Routines are addicting. It might the dopamine the brain releases. When we complete a task, even a small one, our brains release dopamine as a reward. It’s the brain motivating itself. Kinda crazy, no? Now try this every day...all the dopamine! Craving this feeling helps you become disciplined. It’s not just that, though. While repetition helps you see and fix mistakes, a routine also keeps you moving forward.  And because you know what your routine is, you know what the end looks like and how to get here, you’re not tempted to do anything else other than finishing your tasks.

  3. Routine is practice, practice makes perfect

    This one comes with a caveat. “Perfect” is relative to how well you’re executing on whatever activity is part of your routine. Take my morning routine – I make pour-over coffee every day. At this point, thanks to my barista friends and the internet, I can make a pretty solid cup of coffee. Maybe it’s not a perfect cup of coffee, but it still tastes pretty damn good.

  4. You become more efficient and more productive

    As you become an expert at your routine, you become more productive and more efficient. No, they are not the same thing, but they do go hand-in-hand. You become more efficient as you do more with less resources. Sticking to the coffee example, the more coffee that I’ve made, the less equipment that I use. I used to measure how much coffee I would put in, and then time every pour, but at this point, I’ve got a pretty good idea how to eyeball the amount of coffee, and how much water to add. The coffee is still delicious, but it takes me less time to prep and execute-- I’m more productive, as a result.

  5. You build better habits

    You can take your learnings from one routine, and start applying them to everything moving forward.  All it takes is a little bit of motivation to get the momentum going.

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There’s plenty of other reasons to start implementing proper routines into your life, but they’d probably get repetitive past these five. I mean, how many more reasons do you need? Ask any successful person, and I’m sure they’re not doing things at random every day (don’t quote me on this...it’s an educated assumption). But you don’t have to take Ape’s word for it!

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