Ape is Dapper

Travel, style, and life advice for men…from the ape’s perspective.

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The Ape Manifesto

Men's lifestyle, from an Ape's perspective. Why men? Well, we needed a target audience. This applies to all, though: Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Apes.  We are Beef, Baker, and Bear.  For the most part, we don't give a damn what you think. Not in the "fuck what-you-think" kind of way, but in the "we're going to do our thing, our way" kind of way.

Why we are doing this and what we are doing is simple. We hate seeing static people. We hate when people don't have ambition and are happy (read: complacent) with where they're at when they can clearly be/do more. We are here to challenge you to do more. We are here to tell you exactly what we think. If you don't agree with us, good, understand why. If you do agree with us, great (hi friend!). Either way, we win.

Personally, we are doing the same thing. Challenging ourselves, that is. This is how we initially aim to challenge/motivate you, through our experiences. We better ourselves by always looking for what's next. As simple as a challenge might seem, one can grow from it. It could be learning to appreciate coffee, exploring a new mountain (to then want to get higher and higher on it) to dressing better.  Join us while we explore our thoughts, the great outdoors, the concrete jungle, and then some - all from an Ape's perspective. It's a learning experience for us too, so bear with us...

We are just trying to learn, enjoy life, and share our thoughts and experiences in hopes of motivating the static folk. Because Ape is Dapper.